Rhody's priciest home on the market?

Did you guess it would be Newport? Score!

Along Newport's revered Ocean Avenue lies the Ocean State's most expensive property on the market today.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy a drive along Newport's beautiful southern coast. The historic mansions here enjoy stunning water views and sunsets, and it's here you'll find Rhode Island real estate's largest price tag:

Newport Rhode Island Home.png

Reader, meet the "Seaward estate." This expansive property was previously owned by John Jacob Astor and then Tennis Hall of Fame's Jimmy Van Alen.

Surprising for Newport is the amount of land apart of Seward, over 45 acres! This estate is made up of 7 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, with a total of 10,000 sqft of living space!

What does it cost to live this large?

That's a lot of zeros! Not impressed? Well, the owners first tried selling it a few years ago...for $45,000,000!

Newport RI House Property.png

What's better than Newport in the summer? Not much.



Mike Collins