Providence among the "Best Places To Live"?

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You see these kind of rankings all the time. Family or friends mention it or you catch it on social media.

This month U.S. News put out a fresh list of US cities ranked for things like:

  • quality of life

  • job market

  • value of living there

  • desire to live there

How did the Ocean State and our capital city perform?

91st out of 125 cities, ouch.

Consistent with the decades long trend, Americans are still largely heading south and west. A lot of this is attributed to the northeast being expensive to live in and jobs heading to lower cost areas of the country or the globe. Another factor may be the weather. The “sun belt” of southern cities have exploded in population over the years and the trend seems to continue.

Although we have great colleges and industry, the analysts felt that we lacked steady job growth, affordability and a high quality of life relative to the rest of the country. Much of the high-ranking cities are located in the middle of the country.

Here’s the list:

Or, for a more upbeat view of Rhode Island’s capital city:

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Mike Collins